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Winterswijk (G): reformed church or Jacobskerk

The Jacobskerk was built as a catholic church, then called St. Jacobus de Meerdere. The origins of the church lie in the 13th century, when a Romanesque church was built. This church was gradually replaced. In c. 1400 a Gothic choir was added, which already in 1470-1474 was replaced by a two traves of the current nave, while a new choir with a sacristy was built a bit more to the east. In c. 1490 the nave was extended in western direction, replacing the old nave entirely. This part of the nave is partly clad with tuff from the old church, and is distinctively lower in height than the two eastern traves, which share a roof with the choir.
In 1507 work started on the tower, which shows similarities to that of the St. Walburga in nearby Ramsdorf, Germany. Again, tuff from the old church was used, as well as bricks. The side-aisles were extended to run along the sides of the tower.In c. 1550 the tower was completed. After the Reformation, when the church became protestant, no drastic changes were made to the building. At some time it was covered with a coat of white plaster, which was removed during a restoration in 1968-1972.










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