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Varik (G): old tower


Of the medieval church of Varik only the Gothic tower remains. Its short but robust appearance has earned it the name of Dikke Toren ('fat tower'). It's position at a dike along the river Waal gave it the function of a beacon for shippers centuries ago.
It dates from the 15th century and is three segments tall. The lower segment is of tuff, the second is of alternating lines of tuff and brick and is ornamented with niches, and the upper segment is of brick only, but still nicely adorned. On top is a spire from 1844. The stair-turret is in three similar segments too.

The church was demolished in 1912. Whether this was the original church is unknown. Old pictures show a very small building that does not match the tower. The building now standing next to the tower according to some sources is not a church, although its neo-Gothic details suggest it is, but rather the accomodation of some society.

In the 1990's the future of the tower became uncertain. It was in a bad state and politicians hurried to suggest its demolition. Thankfully, these sad people didn't get their way.

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