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Ruurlo (G): reformed Dorpskerk

The reformed church of Ruurlo, originally named St. Willibrord, is a two-aisled church in Gothic style. The church was first mentioned in 1326 and probably had no predecessor. The oldest parts of the church, the nave and the choir, date from the same century. These parts are supported by remarkably heavy buttresses. The tower was added in the late-15th century. In the period 1550-1561 the nave and the choir were heightened and vaulted. Also the heigth of the tower was increased and a side-aisle was added to the northern side. 
In 1598 Ruurlo became protestant, and so did the church. The building remained mostly intact, except for the replacement of the spire in 1793. Also, at some point the the interior was changed to a centralizing arrangement, with all the benches forming concentric half-circles around the pulpit. This was probably done after in 1843-1845 the old Gothic side-aisle had been replaced by the current one designed by E. Kroon. This side-aisle is a wider and taller construction and shares a flat roof with the nave. In 1856 a consistory was built at the front of the side-aisle; this little building was replaced in 1927.
Older pictures show a portal at the south side of the nave. In 1954-1956, when the church interior was  rebuilt, this portal was removed and the tower became the main entrance to the church.





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