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Millingen (G): St. Antonius van Padua (W. te Riele, 1913-1914)

The catholic church of Millingen  is a large cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style. It was built on the location of an older and much smaller church built in the 19th century which itself replaced a medieval church on the same location. The current church was designed by architect W. te Riele, who took an unusual approach to neo-Gothicism in much of his work. Unconventional is the location of the tower, on top of a chapel next to the transept. This transept  is at an unusual postion as well, being located roughly halfway the nave instead of in between nave and choir. The nave is wide and has narrow side-aisles. The choir, which is narrower than the nave, has an ambulatory with two chapels. The side-walls of the nave and the walls of the transept and the choir are decorated with friezes with mosaics filling the arches.
In 1945 the church was damaged. Although the actual church mostly suffered some scratches, the upper half of the tower was lost. When the church was repaired after the war  the tower was rebuilt shorter and in a simpler form designed by B.W.A. Goddijn. The rest of the building is mostly in its original state; only the facade lost several niches and other details in the 1960's and now looks much smoother than it originally did.


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