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Apeldoorn (G): St. Teresia (J.G.A. van Dongen, 1939)

Although already in the 1920's the founding of a third parish in Apeldoorn was being considered and money was collected since 1925, preparations for the construction of the church did not begin until 1937. The new church, the St. Teresia, later also often spelled St. Theresia, was to be build in the north-eastern part of the city which at that time had still a rural character, with many catholic farmers. Its newly appointed priest came from the province of Friesland, and wished for a church modelled after a Frisian barn.  

Like the second parish church, the H.H. Fabianus en Sebastianus, the St. Teresia was designed by architect Jan van Dongen. Just like that church it is of the christocentric type, being designed to allow for an optimal view for all at the altar. The church was not completely oriented, with the choir pointing towards the north-east instead. Although the exterior suggests the presence of narrow side-aisles, the church has a wide aisleless nave. At the front is a modest portal. Next to the first trave is a polygonal baptistry. At the back of the nave is a tower, the lower part of which is the choir. The church is in a Traditionalist style related to the Delft School, similar to Van Dongen's other churches from this decade.

The church was taken into use on November the 27th 1939. In April 1945, just before Apeldoorn was liberated, it was badly damaged during fighting. Within a year all damage was repaired. The church served on until it was decommissioned in November 2013. It still awaits a new use.






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