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Barger-Oosterveld (Dr): St. Gerardus Majella (H. Kroes, 1905-1906; J.Th.J. Cuypers & P. Cuypers jr., 1922-1923)


The village of Barger-Oosterveld dates from the late-19th century when it was a settlement of mostly catholic peat-diggers. A church was built in 1905-1906. It was a one-aisled, two traves short towerless neo-Gothic building designed by H. Kroes. Due to an increase of the catholic population this church soon became too small. In 1922-1923 it was enlarged by J.Th.J. Cuypers and his son P. Cuypers jr. by adding side-aisles. In 1937 the church was enlarged once more, by an unknown architect this time, by lengthening the nave towards the west and adding an extra trave to each side-aisle, as well as a portal to the nave. The church was thus transformed into a hall-church. The side-aisles are divided in three traves, each of which has a roof of its own. Of the original church little more is left than the choir.

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