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Pijnacker (ZH): H. Joannes de Dooper (A.C. Bleijs, 1890-1892)

The catholic parish of Pijnacker was founded in the 13th century and, when the Reformation had lost some of its intolerance, was refounded in 1656. It used a hidden church which in 1773 burned down. A second church was built in 1774 which in 1849 was crowned with a bell-tower on the roof to enhance its church look. Despite several changes to the building by 1870 the church had become too small. In 1881 a plot of land was acquired but it took a few more years before it got its current purpose.

In 1890 architect A.C. Bleijs was commissioned to design a new church. He came up with a cruciform basilica in neo-Romanesque style, with a tall west-tower and an apse with a dwarf galery. 

Construction began in August 1890. Due to damage caused by the cold winter of 1890-1891 part of the tower and baptistry had to be taken down and needed rebuilding. While the outside is mostly out of bricks, the inside walls are clad with marl, which unfortunately was covered with white paint in the 1960's.
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