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Oude Tonge (ZH): reformed church

This church was founded in 1499. As typical for this region it was built on a circular churchyard, which was surrounded by a wide moat. Unlike in nearby Nieuwe Tonge the moat no longer exists. Unique for this island is that this church was built entirely of brick, except for the traceries in the windows.
The choir is the oldest part of the church and was built shortly after the foundation. Early in the 16th century the tower and the nave were built. While the choir and tower are standing in the same line the nave has a slightly different axis, reason why it is believed to have been preceded by another nave, which therefore cannot have lasted for very long. The nave consists of two aisles of equal height and width.
In 1953 the church was damaged by the big flood. During a restoration in 1963-1967 the damage was repaired. However, most of the building is still original. A later addition is the top of the tower, which dates from the 19th century but was adapted to accomodate a carrillon during the restoration.







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