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Katwijk aan Zee (ZH): Nieuwe Kerk (H.J. Jesse, 1885-1887)


Although the old Andreaskerk had become too small by 1850, and the sea had taken so much of the coast the church was now almost at the beach, it took several more decades before real plans were made to replace it. In 1883 the future location for a new church was chosen and the next year a design contest was held. Over 50 designs entered the contest which was won by young architect H.J. Jesse. The church became his first assignment. One of the other participants in the contest was Tj. Kuipers.
Jesse designed a church in Neo-Renaissance style, with obvious references to 17th-century protestant architecture. It is one of the most important examples of this style. The church has a centralizing, cruciform ground plan with two long arms and two short ones, one of which contains a tower. At the top of the tower is a narrow octagonal segment with an elegant spire. The facade of the other arms are vertically divided in three parts, with a gable on top of the central part. Unlike the other parts, the arm at the back only has windows at the sides, while the back facade has blind niches the size and shape of windows. In the spaces between the arms are small, square spaces, each covered by a pointed roof.
The church was built out of brick, but with horizontal decorative elements out of natural stone.






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