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Middelburg (Z): H.H.. Petrus en Paulus (C.M. van Moorsel, 1949-1951)


After the protestants captured Middelburg, all catholic churches became protestant. For the next two centuries the catholics used a hidden church. This hidden church was used even after 1798, when the catholics were granted the right to use the medieval Gasthuiskapel. By 1841 the hidden church was in such a bad state that permission was asked and given to build a new church. In 1846 this Neo-Classical building was completed. It was destroyed by bombs in May 1940 and the parish used an improvised church instead. In 1950 work had begun on a new church elsewhere in the town, designed by architect C.M. van Moorsel who had been contacted already in 1941. It's a three-aisled basilica in Traditionalist style.
At the front it has a protruding portal. Instead of a conventional tower the church has a wide but undeep wall-like construction at the front. The nave has a wide central aisle and narrow side-aisles. At the back is a semi-circular choir.



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