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Kruiningen (Z): reformed church

This pseudo-basilican church in Gothic style until the Reformation was dedicated to John the Baptist. The tower dates from ca. 1475 and shows Flemish influences in the octagonal upper section and the use of natural stone at the corners and edges. The top of this segment is decorated with small turrets at the eight corners. Also note the turrets of brick at the four corners of the square lower segment, which has several blind niches as its major decoration.

The nave, which dates from the 15th century, shows a similar use of natural stone, but the interior shows influences of Brabantine Gothic.

Like many medieval churches in this province, this church no longer has a choir. In 1574 it collapsed. The protestants, who had no use for it, did not rebuilt it. The last remains were demolished in the 18th century. Previously the arch leading to the choir had been filled. Two windows were opened to let light in.

In its original form the church had been a cruciform one. Peculiar however is that the church had only one transept-arm, the other arm of the cross being the tower. This odd position of the tower seems to be the result of a change in the original plans for the church; while the tower is at the traditional west side, the nave has a north-south direction.

The big flood of 1953 caused damage to the interior of the church mostly, especially the furniture and gravestones suffering from the water.

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