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Kloetinge (Z): reformed church


A wooden church was replaced between 1275 and 1300 by a new church, made of stone, of which the current choir and the chapel on its north side are remnants. In ca. 1350 work started on a three-aisled  nave, only part of which was completed when work ceased shortly after it had started. For unclear reasons the ground-level was heightened, as well as the floors of choir and chapel. Work continued in the 15th century. In ca. 1480 the three-aisled nave was rebuilt into a one-aisled one with chapels on each side, each looking like a transept-arm.
The tower was built in ca. 1475 and shows influences from Brabant in the buttresses and use of natural stone. was connected to the church in ca. 1525 by the addition of an extra trave.


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