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's-Heer Abtskerke (Z): reformed church


Translated in English s-Heer Abtskerke means 'Lord abbott's church'. In the early 13th century a chapel was founded here by the abbott of the abbey of Middelburg, which was given the area in property by Dirk VII, count of Holland. The chapel was gradually replaced by the current one-aisled cruciform church in Gothic style, which  in catholic times was named St. Johannes de Doper. The oldest part is the choir, which was built in the early-14th century and was originally rectangularly closed. On the north side a closed arch reminds of a vanished space. The tower was built in the mid-14th century and is decorated with niches and supported by two heavy buttresses on each corner. The nave was built in the second half of that century. Early in the 16th century the transept-arms were added and the choir was given is three-sided closure.









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