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Linschoten (U): reformed Grote of Sint-Janskerk


The reformed church of Linschoten is a one-aisled building in late-Gothic style. It was probably founded around the year 1270 as the chapel of the castle, but in 1482 it was destroyed by citizens from Oudewater and rebuilt almost completely. Only the lower part of the tower and the adjoining, slightly protruding parts of the nave with their round windows are believed to remain of the 13th-century church. Although the upper part of the tower could be mistaken for being Romanesque, it is from the 15th century. In 1627, the church was in protestant hands by then, the building was plastered, except for the tower. Until 1877 the tower was taller, but that year the third segment and the tall spire were demolished to prevent sagging. Other changes were the replacement of the saddle-roof by a gambrel, a four-piece roof, and the reshape of the east wall of the nave to match the new roof.
The tower is flanked by small buildings on its sides. Both were added in 1862; one as storage for a fire engine, the other as a small mortuary. In 1952 the tower was restored, the church itself in 1974-1977. During the latter restoration the coat of plaster was removed, the windows of the choir were reopened, the nave was once again covered by a saddle-roof and the eastern wall of the nave changed back to its original shape.






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