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Hooglanderveen (U): St. Joseph (W. te Riele, 1916-1918)

Hooglanderveen belonged to the parish of Hoogland until in 1916 a brother and sister gave away their farm and farmland to the church, in order to help found a new parish. The Archbishop of Utrecht approved and architect W. te Riele was commissioned to design a church for the new parish.

The first designs were too expensive for that period, when prices of building materials had risen due to the war. The transept was cancelled and so were the side-aisles as they were originally intended. The resulting church is one of Te Riele's few pseudo-basilica's, and the nave gets its outside light from a few high but quite narrow windows. Oddly enough, inside there are some round openings above the arches of the central  aisle which may have been intended as a clerestorey, but as they lie beneath the roof they serve no function at all.

The front is closely related to that of the church in Boven-Leeuwen of the same period, with its protruding portal with the tower behind it. The choir is one of the most modest in Te Riele's career, being just a straight-ended space with three windows protruding from an otherwise blind wall. The adjacent spaces have flat roofs and are probably later additions. The roof of the nave was covered with English slates which were originally meant for Germany but had been stranded in the Netherlands because of the war and could be obtained cheaply.

Construction began in May 1917 and a year later it was consecrated.


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