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Amersfoort (U): chapel of Zon en Schild mental hospital (G. van Hoogevest, 1932-1933)

G. van Hoogevest designed several buildings of the protestant mental hospital Zon en Schild. The main building was built in 1928-1931. In 1932 a chapel was built at the site, a church in a Traditionalist style. Although it is sometimes called an aisleless church, the building has very narrow side-aisles with small windows. At the outside of the nave are short but heavy buttresses. The wide central aisle has a clerestorey with big dormer windows, which makes the church technically a basilica. Typical for this period and style, but for catholic churches mostly, is the steep and tall roof. At the back of the building is a tower with a tall and narrow spire.

The chapel nowadays has a multi-religious purpose.





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