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Oldenzaal (Ov): St. Plechelmus

Bishop Balderik founded a stone church on this location in the 10th century, which probably replaced a wooden church. In ca. 1180 a new church was built, a cruciform basilica with stone vaults and a round choir. This church is often regarded as an example of the Utrecht Romanesque group of churches. A tower in a Romano-Gothic style was added in ca. 1240.
In ca. 1450 work started to rebuilt the church in a three-aisled Gothic hall-church. First a new choir was added. About thirty years later a new southern side-aisle replaced the original one and incorporated the southern transept-arm which got a typical double window. The tower was heightened with a fifth segment, while a sacristy was added to the north side, for which the apse of the transept-arm had to go. Fortunately work never proceeded any further and the north side of the church is, apart from the choir, still mostly Romanesque, complete with the typical small windows, blind niches and the absence of buttresses.
In the late 19th century Jos. Cuypers started an extensive restoration. Among other things he reconstructed the apse of the northern transept-arm that had been removed when the sacristy was built.

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