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Oldenzaal (Ov): H. Antonius van Padua (K.L. Croonen, 1911-1912)

Oldenzaal has traditionally always been a catholic town. When the town expanded in c. 1900, the St. Plechelmus became too small and the decision was made to found a second parish. In 1908 a piece of land was bought in the southern part of the town, only some 500 meters from the St. Plechelmus. Here, Oldenzaal's second catholic church was built in 1911-1912. It's a three-aisled basilica in neo-Gothic style, designed by local architect K.L. Croonen, a former intern of P.J.H. Cuypers. The church is not oriented and its facade is in the north-east. At its eastern side is a polygonal stair-turret. Remarkable is the high clerestorey, which contrasts with the low side-aisles.






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