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Hoogkarspel (NH): St.Laurentius (K.P. Tholens, 1929-1930)

Like in most parts of the country, the catholics of Hoogkarspel lost their church to the protestants during the Reformation. In the early 20th century they were part of the surrounding parishes, but when the catholic population grew drastically it was time to think about a church of their own. In 1928 Hoogkarspel parish in the process of being founded and a shed, recently build for the storage of flower bulbs, was transformed into a temporary church and consecrated in November. In January 1929 the village officially became a parish.

To design the new church architect A. Dessing was contacted, but for reasons unknown he passed the assignment to K.P. Tholens. Tholens designed a wide three-aisled church in a moderate Expressionist style.
The narrow side-aisles have no windows and serve as passage ways only while the main aisle is wide and is illuminated by a 'clerestorey' with windows of a shape that holds the middle between a parabola and a pointed arch. A similar but larger window is found in the facade. The choir has a straight closure and is flanked by two towers, each with a distinctive 'spire', one of brick and one covered with lead. The nave and choir are not covered by vaults and instead the gable roof supported by wooden beams is in plain sight.

In June 1930 the new church was consecrated.


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