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Weebosch (NB): St. Gerardus Majella (J. Stuyt, 1907)

Built in 1907, the St. Geradus Majella of Weebosch is a confusing part of Jan Stuyt's career. In 1907 Jan Stuyt still was associated with Jos. Cuypers, yet this church is considered to be a solo effort, in practice as well as in name. Strangely, in 1909 a quite similar church was built in Heerlerheide (L), which is attributed to both architects, although their partnership had ended the year before.
It's likely that during his partnership with Jos. Cuypers, Stuyt was responsible for the more neo-Romanesque designs while Cuypers took care of the more neo-Gothic designs himself. That's speculation probably, but it is a fact that Stuyt continued to work in the same neo-Romanesque style after the two architects had gone their seperate ways. This church is a typical example. It's a three-aisled basilican church, with a wide central aisle and narrow side-aisles. The church is accessed through a nicely ornamented wooden porch. Although the two towers at the front suggest a sort of monumentality, the nave is surprisingly short. At its back is a small open bell-turret that is also present in much of Stuyt's later work. At the upper part of its walls the choir is attractively decorated. Here the wall becomes polygonal.
Next to the church, and attached to it, is the presbytery which was built in a style inspired by Classicism, like much of Stuyt's profane work.
Strangely, in 2001 the governmental advisors on the protection of monuments decided that this church was an 'uninspired work, unworthy of protection'. Thanks to protests from members of the parish the church eventually did make it to the list of protected monuments.






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