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Valkenswaard (NB): St. Nicolaas (J. Stuyt, 1932)




The medieval church of St. Nicolaas was returned to the catholics in 1798 after 350 years of protestant domination. In the past few centuries the location of Valkenswaard had changed, and the church was a bit remote from the village. Still, the catholics used it, until in in 1860 the church had become too small and was replaced by a new one at a more central location. C. Weber was the architect of that church, a neo-Gothic building of the Stufenhalle type, with a distinctive tower in a more decorative neo-Gothic style at the front. Some 70 years later this church had become too small as well, even despite the fact that a second church had been built elsewhere in the village.
Jan Stuyt designed a new church, which was one of his last designs. It's a three-aisled cruciform pseudo-basilica. Of Weber's church the tower was kept, although drastically altered beyond recognition, and heightened. The church has side-aisles with gables, like many others of Stuyt's churches. Details are in an Expressionist style that appears to be influenced by the work of Dom Bellot. At the back is a semi-circular choir with an ambulatory.






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