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Ravenstein (NB): St. Lucia (1735)



The St. Lucia of Ravenstein is a rare example of a church in true Baroque style in the Netherlands and the only one in Noord-Brabant. At a time when catholics in most of the country were forced to meet in buildings disguised as houses or barns, Ravenstein, as a part of the catholic duchy of Kleef, knew religious freedom. To finance the construction of this church a lottery was held in 1729.
Unlike Baroque churches in the province of Limburg that are mostly in a Southern Netherlands (Belgian) Baroque style, the St. Lucia is in a style much more common in southern Germany. It consist of a square nave with a narrow choir that has an octagonal tower at its east end. On top of the tower is a lantern with a dome-spire. A similar lantern-tower crowns the mansart-roof of the nave. The corners of the nave are sloped and have a niche with a statue of a saint in it.
Unlike German Baroque churches the interior of the St. Lucia is very sober. It has an octagonal dome-vault of plaster and wood, the decoration on which was added in 1936. Several of the windows were designed by Dom Bellot.






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