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Oudenbosch (NB): Chapel of the Institute St. Louis (T. Florschütz & J. Boosten, 1865-1866)


During the first two years of the construction of the Basilica of Sts. Agatha and Barbara another copy of Rome's St. Peter was built in Oudenbosch. Or perhaps more correct; this is a scaled-down copy of the basilica, also having a facade based on that of the St. John Lateran in Rome. This building is much smaller, and it served as the chapel of a boys' boarding-school. The dome was not added until 1888-1889, and was designed by G.J. van Swaay. The Baroque-style interior is not as rich as that of the Basilica, but quite impressive anyway. Once again, there are lots of plaster decorations here, and what looks like marble is in fact painted wood, reflecting the idea of that time that it was the result that counted, not the way it was achieved. The interior used to be richer, but during a recent restoration several larger paintings were removed.

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