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Lierop (NB): kerk van de Heilige Naam Jezus (C. Weber, 1890-1892)


The catholic church of the Holy Name Jesus is another typical Carl Weber-designed church, with lots of neo-Romanesque elements and dominated by a tall dome. It was Weber's last domed church, and the smallest.
Hardly visible in these pictures is the copperplated statue of Jesus on top of the dome, which rotates with the wind. It's also worth noticing that this church, despite being much smaller than Weber's churches in Raamsdonk and Geldrop, has a far more detailed facade, whereas this time the dome area has remained more sober.
The church has four towers. The two towers at the eastern side show a difference in colour of the brickwork. This is the result of faulty construction. In 1952 these two towers, which were damaged in World War Two, had to be demolished and rebuilt in a different shape and to a lower height to prevent them from collapsing. Originally the eastern towers were much taller and had an octagonal upper segment.

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