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Alphen (NB): St. Willibrordus (H.W. & G.H.F. Valk, 1954)

Alphen has had several churches on the same location. A 16th century church in the style of Campine Gothic (see Gothic for more information) was demolished and replaced by a new one in 1909, designed by architects Jos. Cuypers and Jan Stuyt, who also made several changes to the tower. This neo-Gothic church was itself destroyed in WW2 and replaced by a new church in 1954. Throughout this turbulent history only the tower remained. This tower dates from 1559 and represents the late phase of Campine Gothicism. It is three segments high, decorated with niches that become deeper with every higher segment. The tower itself was badly damaged in 1944 as well and was repaired after the war and restored in 1966-1968. During this restoration several neo-Gothic changes were removed, after which the tower was again in its original shape. The current church is designed by H.W. and G.H.F. Valk, and is in a traditionalistic style typical for Valk's work of this period, as is the layout of the church, with a three-aisled basilican nave and long and wide transept-arms.

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