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Ransdaal (L): St. Theresia van het Kind Jezus (F.P.J. Peutz, 1931-1932)


Until 1932 the village of Ransdaal was divided over three municipalities (as it would continue to be until 1982) as well as three parishes. Part of the population attended the church of Klimmen, which was relatively nearby but  required a bit of a climb to reach, while the other parts fell under the more distant churches of Wijlre and Schin op Geul respectively.

In 1931 the growing village was granted permission by the bishop of Roermond to build a church of their own as a rectory church of Klimmen. A plot of land at the top of a hill was acquired for free, funds were raised among the locals and many villagers volunteered to help build the church, for instance by digging the trenches for the foundations and by transporting or breaking the blocks of natural stone for the outside walls.

The design for the church was made in 1931 by architect F.P.J. Peutz while construction began in 1932 and was completed by the end of that year. It's a non-oriented aisleless church in Traditionalist style with a long and wide nave with prominent buttresses supporting its walls. The choir is narrower and higher than the nave, much like Peutz' earlier church in Vrank-Heerlen, and is flanked by side-aisles. At the front is a big tower with a saddleback roof. This type of tower is unusual for Limburg but not for Peutz' native province of Groningen and could be a reference to his youth. The tower has a stair-turret at one side and a baptistry at the other.  In 1944 a chapel in matching style was added to the side of the nave. While the outside walls are made of irregular blocks of natural stone, for the interior the much smoother marl was used.






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