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Lemiers (L): St. Catharinakapel

This small Romanesque chapel once was actually a true church, used by a parish. It dates from either the second half of the 11th century or from the 12th century, although there are sources that claim that the oldest parts of the building date from the 7th. The choir was added in either the 13th or 14th century, possibly in 1350 when the building was consecrated to St.Catharina. Until then the chapel had belonged to the nearby castle.
As a whole, the building is the only complete surviving example of the earliest type of stone church known in the Netherlands, a one-aisled building without a tower. Despite its later addition, the rectangularly closed choir is typical for these earliest churches as well.
The building has undergone several changes. In 1648 the choir was heightened and vaulted. Also the small turret was added to the roof. In 1683 the small windows were enlarged. In 1896-1897, after a new church was built in the village, the old one was closed and restored by P.J.H. Cuypers, who reconstructed the small windows and closed the large ones. Also the entrance in the south wall, which had been closed with bricks, was reopened while the entrance at the north side, which dated from the 17th century, was closed.
In 1978 the interior was painted by artist Hans Truijen.




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