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Kessel (L): O.L. Vrouwe Geboorte (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1870-1873)

In 1869 P.J.H. Cuypers was invited to design a new church for Kessel. The old one had become too small and was in such a bad state that it couldn't be enlarged. Cuypers designed a three-aisled basilica in neo-Gothic style. Due to lack of corporation from the baron, on whose land the old church had been and who would lose his special position in the new church, work took longer than necessary. For unknown reasons Cuypers didn't orient the church, even though that was perfectly possible. Instead, the choir now points to the west while the tower is in the east.
In 1944 the tower was blown up, causing considerable damage to the nave as well. In 1947-1948 the church was repaired by architect J. Franssen, who rebuilt the nave according to Cuypers' plans but with the addition of a transept on the east side. A new tower was built in 1953 according to plans by Franssen which was inspired by the original one.


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