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Grathem (L): St. Severinus

This village church shows traces of many periods. The tower dates from the 13th century and is in late-Romanesque style. It is four storeys high and built of marl. The originally one-aisled nave dates from the 15th century and was built of marl as well. The late-Gothic choir dates from ca. 1500. The St. Severinus was extended with a northern side-aisle in 1840, made of brick, which was followed ten years later by one on the south side. The northern side-aisle was lengthened a little in 1900. Plans for a more drastic enlargement were made in the early 1930's by C. Franssen, who proposed to transform the building into a three-aisled hall-church. This plan was not executed, and instead a transept-arm was added on the north-side, as well as a sacristy.
In November 1944 the church was badly damaged. In 1953 the war damage was repaired, while architect J. Franssen, C. Franssen's son, replaced the northern side-aisles with an extension in typically Limburg fashion, a so-called a transverse enlargement. Square on the old nave a new one was built, with a new choir.









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