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Eenrum (Gr): reformed church



The reformed church is a one-aisled building that is remarkably big for a village church. The nave was probably built in two stages at the end of the 13th century. First a three traves long rectangular church was built which was later extended with another three traves, the last of which is the straight choir. The entire church, including the choir, is covered by a single roof. Although brick was used for the exterior walls, on the inside of the oldest three traves tuff was used. On the outside the nave shows very little variation. It has modest buttresses, small and narrow pointed windows and a few entrances, most of which are closed, as well as a hagioscope. This look is the result of a restoration carried out in 1953-1957. Before that the nave and choir had big pointed windows and were covered with a coat of white plaster.
Probably the most interesting part of the church is the impressive tower which was built in 1646-1652. The tower consists of a square main part, which features Gothic details, on top of which is an octagonal part with a dome with an open cuppola on top.








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