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Warnsveld (G): reformed Martinuskerk

The first mentioning of a church in Warnsveld was made in 1121. Of this church, a building in Romanesque style built of tuff, the tower remains. The rest of the church was gradually replaced later. In ca. 1400 the Gothic choir was built, together with the chapels on its sides. The three-aisled nave was built in the second half of the 15th century. In the same period the tower was heightened with a section in late-Gothic style, using tuff and brick in alternating layers, and the Romanesque sounding holes were closd. In 1826 and 1834-1836 the church was drastically rebuilt, especially inside. In ca. 1870 a consistory was added. During a restoration in 1954-1957 most of the 19th-century changes were made undone.




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