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Varsseveld (G): reformed Grote- of Laurentiuskerk


A first church was built in Varsseveld around the year 1000, but the oldest part of the current church is the lower part of the tower, which was build in ca. 1250. This part of the tower was build on a foundation of iron stone, a type of stone also used for the tower itself.
The church is a three-aisled pseudo-basilica in Gothic style. The choir was built in c. 1450. The construction of the nave followed in c. 1500.
 In 1723 a storm caused great damage to the church. Part of the tower collapsed and the tower was rebuilt using a design by Isaak van den Heuvel. The renewed tower incorporated the remaing parts of the old tower but extended a bit more towards the west. Buttresses were added for strength. In 1945 the tower and the nave were once again badly damaged. In 1948 damage was repaired. In 1971-1978 the church was restored.







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