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Silvolde (G): reformed Oude Mauritius


The reformed church or Old Mauritius of Silvolde is of special interest for its Romanesque nave, a one-aisled construction built around 1246 out of bog iron, a type of stone found a lot in this region. In ca. 1425 the short tower was built two meters to the west of the nave. Although the tower could be mistaken for a Romanesque structure, the choir built in the same period is Gothic in style. After this the nave was heightened and lengthened and connected to the tower. The tower has a spire constructed in the mid-16th tower, although a lantern on its top was added in the 18th century and replaced as part of a restoration in 1949-1951. Another restoration in 1968-1973 resulted in the removal of a coat of plaster and the reconstruction of the Romanesque windows of the nave.






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