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Loenen (G): reformed church


In 1557 the lord of the castle Ter Horst commissioned the construction of a chapel in the village of Loenen, which was part of the Eerbeek parish. The chapel only served for a short period, because several years after the Reformation of Gelderland (1578) it was closed. When it was reopened in ca. 1630 it was as a protestant church.

Until 1831 the building mostly retained its original shape. That year it was extented in eastern direction, at the expense of the old choir. In 1861 a new church was built, a cruciform building designed by the engineer A.J. Brevet. The eastern part was now closed off to serve as a consistory, giving the church a T-shaped interior. In 1883 a Sunday school was built at the north side of the nave.

The tower is the only part of the original chapel that still remains. It's in a simple late-Gothic style, whereas the rest of the church is in a neo-Classical style.