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Ermelo (G): reformed church


This is a church with a single-aisled nave, a lower choir and a tower of four segments high. The nave was rebuilt in late-Gothic style in the 15th century, but probably dates from the early-12th century. Later in the 12th century a rectangular Romanesque choir was built which was heightened twice later, while at the ende of the 14th century a polygonal Gothic apse was added. The whole choir is now in Gothic style, but several parts of natural stone remind of its former Romanesque state.
The tower is entirely Romanesque. The lower three segments date from ca. 1200, the upper part is about half a century younger. All segments are decorated in typical Romanesque fashion.
The church has been protestant property for centuries. Despite several rebuilts its very well preserved. In 1918-1920 extensions were added to the church, but these were again removed during a restoration in 1970-1973.


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