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Bergharen (G): reformed church

In the 11th or 12th century a Romanesque chapel was built in Bergharen. In ca. 1350, when Bergharen became a parish, the chapel was enlarged to become a church. A tower was built in front of the nave, the former facade now forming the eastern wall  of the tower. This tower, which features Romanesque details, was built-in by a three-aisled pseudo-basilican nave. This nave was replaced  in 1475-1525 by the current one, which is pseudo-basilican as well. It seems likely that it was intended to heighten or replace the tower, but this never happened. 
In 1611 the church became protestant. Both in 1798 amd 1809 the catholic majority unsuccessfully tried to regain its possesion. Even an offer by the catholics to finance a new church for the tiny protestant community was not accepted. In 1826 the original Romanesque choir, which was flanked by lateral chapels, was demolished and the arches at the east-end of the nave were filled in.





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