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Beekbergen (G): reformed church

Legend has is that in the 8th century the missionary Liudger founded a wooden church in what would become known as the village of Beekbergen. No evidence of such a church has been found. The oldest traces of a church date from the late 11th century, when a small aisleless church in Romanesque style was built out of tuff and dedicated to the saints Fabianus and Sebastianus.

Part of the tuff stone was re-used in the 13th century to build the lower two-thirds of the current tower. In the 14th century the Romanesque choir was replaced by a new one in Gothic style.

The church itself was replaced in the 15th century by the current three-aisled pseudo-basilica. The tower was heightened later that century. In the 16th century the current Gothic choir was added.

Originally the tower had a tall spire which was lost when lightning struck in 1841. It was first replaced with an open lantern in neo-Classical style. In 1867 the balustrade and corner turrets were added to the tower, together with a new spire.
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