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Stiens (Fr): reformed church


The walls of this church clearly show that it has a history of many changes and rebuilts. A tuff Romanesque church was built in either the 11th or 12th century. Later the small windows were closed and replaced by larger, pointed ones. The wall at the north side has survived better than its southern counterpart. On both sides there are traces of what were possibly chapels. Several entrances have been closed. The choir was replaced by a new brick one in the 13th century, which was heightened several times. The outside layer of brick dates from the 19th century and contrasts sharply with the nave.
The tower is younger, dating from the 15th century. Although generally quite similar to Romanesque towers in this part of the country, with its saddle-roof, this one is Gothic, as is evidenced by the pointed niches with traceries.

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