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Oudega (Fr): reformed church

The church of Oudega, in the municipality of Smallingerland, is a big one-aisled building with a straight choir and a tower. It was built in the 12th century using tuff. The Romanesque nave is horizontally divided in two zones. The lower zone is decorated with recessed arches, while the upper zone in its original configuration had small rounded windows and a frieze with small rounded arches. The two zones continued on the facade. In ca. 1250 the tower was built, also using tuff. It was never completely attached to the nave and there's a noticable gap between the two.
Probably in the 14th century the brick Gothic choir was built and two Gothic entrances were added to the nave. The shape of the choir changed in 1599, when the apse was replaced by the current east wall. In 1717 bigger windows were added to the nave and the east wall. During a restoration in 1921 the Romanesque windows were reconstructed at the northern wall of the nave.









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