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Grou (Fr): reformed church

This is a big one-aisled church which, despite numerous changes, has largely kept its Romanesque appearance. The church was built out of tuff in the first half of the 12th century. About a hundred years later the walls of nave were heightened in a combination of brick and tuff, as well as the choir using tuff mostly. The current tower was built around an older core in the 15th century. At that time the nave was lenthened and once again heightened. Early 16th century the choir was heightened again as well. The current roofs date from ca. 1520.

The northern side of the church is well-preserved, clearly showing the traces of the various changes. The southern side however has suffered from more recent changes. Most of the outside wall on this side has been replaced using bricks, while large windows in Gothic style were added to the nave. After the reformation large windows were added to the choir as well, damaging the decorative friezes. In the 18th century a small wooden tower was added to the roof of the choir.








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