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Barger-Compascuum (Dr): St. Joseph (J.Th.J. Cuypers & P. Cuypers Jr. 1923-1925, J. Starmans 1952)

Barger-Compascuum was founded in 1866 by catholic peat-diggers from Hannover. After a barn had been used as a church a new wooden church was built in 1875.  After ca. 1910 the heart of the village moved to the east and a new church was built there in 1923-1925. Architects Jos. Cuypers and his son Pierre designed a church in simple Expressionistic style. It's a three-aisled church with a wide central aisle and narrower side-aisles, each trave of which has a gable and a seperate roof. Like many catholic churches in this region, this one was originally built without a tower. In 1952 the building was extended on the west-side with one trave, which was in the same style as the others, as well as a tower, by architect J. Starmans.



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